In an atelier in Casablanca, two young people met and fall in love with each other. This is the unexpected origin of a brand that from the very first moment has managed to create a world of completely new references that are based on the creator Charaf Tajer’s story and from a biculturalism that is understood from the inside.

The name of the brand, Casablanca, is not just a memory from the designer’s parents’ encounter, it is also the inspiration for collections that combine silk shirts, re-invented tunics as tracksuits, old columns that have been retrieved from past civilisations and the reflections from painted tiles.

Charaf Tajer discovers us a Morocco that stays clear from romantic clichés, as a kid that has been raised in Paris and who spends his vacations in Casablanca. In France, many of his references remain, those that took him to found the brand Pigalle and Le Pompon club (where legend has it that Virgil Abloh created his first DJ set). But it is the city of Casablanca that acts as the pivot for collections that live the city as a vacation resort in which relaxed cuts are the newest luxury. In their first Winter collection, Casablanca Midnight shows off the colours of the city illuminated by stars that are reflected on fine silk or cashmere and the parties that prefer to remain hidden.

Morocco, a constant point of reference for Parisian fashion, appears in Charaf Tajer’s designs as part of a culture and a personal trip but not as an exotic footnote. More than a nostalgia for the past they have a collective awareness of a legacy that serves to create new stories that create a new definition of luxury.