For those of you who don’t know this daring and artistic brand, we’ll start off by saying that it’s not easy to keep track of everything that KidSuper makes, as they work on so many different projects, from clothes, art, videos, music… And everything’s absolutely orchestrated by Colm Dillane. It’s hard to believe that this twenty-something–year-old has gone from selling t-shirts to his closest friends to creating an art collective that has managed to release one of the most promising streetwear brands of the moment, and in just a matter of years. Yet, still, they’ve obviously had many setbacks, as working in creative industries is never easy. But that’s what his philosophy is all about, “the kid fell, but landed”.

We can say so many things about Colm Dillane, but we have to point out his unyielding energy and positivism, on top of all of the hard work he puts into everything, which is why he has been able to successfully manage the KidSuper brand. It all started in high school when he started selling t-shirts under the name of Brick Oven T-Shirts or BOTS to his classmates, which is something that is sort of seen as a rite of passage for any young creative from New York. He continued working on the project even in college, where he was kicked out of his dorm for selling the products out of his own room. That’s when he considered living somewhere that could become a store at the same time as his home. And so he ended up finding a run-down place in the Williamsburg area, in Brooklyn, and he immediately started working on it to turn it into a multipurpose space which he would end up naming KidSuper Studios after his dream rapper name, KidSuper.

Two months later, he ended up opening the store, without much foot traffic. He also worked from project to project in order to create different spaces, like a football field (with turf), a sewing room, and even a music studio. And that is how Dillane works, by setting objectives for himself which he ends up completely crushing. And it’s because almost everything he’s involved in ends up working out somehow. In 2017, he was invited to Complexcon, one of the most important streetwear conventions in America, or even the world, and without any resources he winded up making a stand after having travelled on an RV from New York to Los Angeles, making logo t-shirts along the way. And, like everything in his life, it was a huge success. A year ago he was invited to participate in an art exhibition in a Manhattan art gallery and he prepared everything in 10 days, which is an almost impossible feat when you consider the fact that most of his paintings are quite large in size. The line, made up of hundreds of fans of his and KidSuper, took up the whole block.

And yet, his list of feats accomplishments still goes on. Last year, KidSuper put together an art installation at Miami’s Art Basel, he also received a platinum record for producing the tracks, as well as creating the cover, of rapper Russ’ album called There's Really a Wolf, and he has now even said that he’s working on a TV show. And what about the clothes? Well, KidSuper is now considered as one of the most promising emerging streetwear brands of the moment, whose clothes have been worn by the likes of Young Thug, Lil Nas X or Bad Bunny. And thanks to the infectious energy that he emits, Dillane has been able to turn KidSuper into an empire.