In just a couple of years, Reese Cooper has managed for his collections and garments to cause quite a ruckus because of the significant number of celebrities that have adopted them. Far away from the limelight and the need for immediate success, Reese Cooper would become at the mere age of 20 as an example of a work ethic with a tended production without being boisterous.

Reese Cooper takes advantage of the wave of energy that the American fashion industry distils but he also knows how to milk British culture, which is where his adolescence took place. He’s conscious of a world in which aesthetic references fly by as fast as Instagram, Reese Cooper tries to stay away from the most recent of news to capture the spirit of the moment. His collections work as narratives that have little to do with the usual luxury; his garments relate themselves with an American inheritance that is in debt to workwear and activity from the big cities.

His style slightly reinterprets Americana, even though his view is overtly global. Designed and produced in Los Angeles, Reese Cooper is able to control even the most minute details in production, even though this means that he has to place the headquarters of his business right next to the factory that manufactures his products.

As part of an American inheritance, Reese Cooper’s articles are crude and naked, but they’re still painstakingly tended to. Each tiny patch can mean hours of exploring vintage stores and hundreds of miles. Treated denim, Italian wool, French Terry or workwear garments are elevated thanks to his craftsmanship and conscious production.

Collections that serve as a base to build a narrative in which solitude and landscapes are quite significant.