In November, Doon Kanda will release his first album titled Labyrinth which will make necessary to refocus Jesse Kanda’s career under this new alias. He is over and done with just focusing on visuals (whether it be Arca’s or whomever’s): the solo career of this artist will be a 360º experience that starts here and now.

It is really difficult to think of Arca without Jesse Kanda. And yet, it’s happening. Their paths might still end up interconnecting in the future, but it’s getting clearer and clearer that Alejandra Ghersi is exploring a diverse group of partners that will surely translate into new creative avenues for future albums. So, anyone could think that Jesse Kanda’s conversation on Doon Kanda is some type of action/reaction to this new relationship status with Arca… Which is why we should forget that Doon Kanda is a new alias. It’s anything but that.

And, in the now distant 2017, the visual artist was starting to be observed by the media for his musical facet thanks to Axolotl, an impeccable track in which Kanda sounded like Actress putting order to the chaos that is Burial submerged in a fishbowl in which echoed the sound waves of, obviously, Arca. In 2018, also, Doon Kanda extended the battlefield by releasing an EP titled Luna that lowered the beats per minute and explored atmospheres that were filled with synthetic emotions, a little bit à la Aphex Twin in slow motion. And, on top of that, working under a record label like Hyperdub, which in one way or another has given shape to all of those sticky and viscous genres that have come up from the urban underground from the last few decades.

An underground that is not usual for London, which is Jesse Kanda’s headquarters, although he has Japanese roots and was raised in Canada. It’s in this British city where, in fact, he has established some alliances that have taken him to where he is right now: Arca, FKA Twigs, Hyperdub… And it’s also where we’re more than likely to witness his solo career bloom under the name of Doon Kanda. After all, his record label has announced that in November the artist will launch first full-length LP under the title of Labyrinth.

The first track known from the album, which at the same time will be the opening song, is Polycephaly. And it does not only stand out for continuing to put even more order to the chaos that was Axolotl, this time through the neoclassic route used by people like Nicolas Jaar, but also because his music video gets rid of guts and entrails, of disturbing beings and uncomfortable images to embark on a trip of lights that are reflected in the water in such a frenetic way that they’ve had to put out the following notice on the Youtube video: epilepsy warning. Be that as it may, it’s very clear that Labyrinth will be a new turning point that will mark a new era in which it will be hard to think of Arca without Jesse Kanda, but it will be easy to think of Jesse Kanda without Arca.