Should all graphic artists look for massive popularity and access to an artistic circuit? Elliot Snowman proves quite the opposite: the only thing that all graphic artists need is to present the world with attractive, original and recognisable visual imagery. That is the creed that he practises.

The present dictates that all graphic designers have to aspire to a greatness that not only corresponds to massive popularity but also to be widely known throughout the artistic circuit. Firstly, it’s about popularity, it is a worship of the ego that is measured through the thousands of Instagram followers and that is normally translated as something like the Holy Grail of design: collaborations with streetwear brands that turn to authors with a recognisable imagery that can be worn well in clothes, accessories and sneakers. Especially sneakers. Secondly, the artistic circuit, which is something that is formalised in exhibitions around the world and the attendance to those debates that have been addressing the bordering line between art and design for so long.

Elliot Snowman lives without worrying about these two lines of action of the contemporary graphic artist. And what’s surprising about this is, after all, how he could be killing it in each of these fields. Starting, obviously by a massive popularity that could come easily to him thanks to his 70k plus followers on Instagram. Which makes us want to reflect: how is it that no streetwear brand has approached him yet to make the most of his recognisable graphic universe? Because that’s where Snowman’s secret lies: his hyper-cool animal world, represented in surreal colours, has always lived halfway between the abstract Cartoon Network animation and the hyper-stylised totem that could be printed onto any skateboard.

When it comes to the artistic circuit, this is where things start to get interesting. Because, to approach it, nowadays it seems that you have to start the worshipping of the ego. Showing yourself to the world not only as an artisan but an artist that is ready to awe people with your word as much as your brushes. And that seems to be of little interest to Elliot Snowman, a graphic artist that opts for discretion (little to almost nothing is known about him) because, after all, he knows that it’s his creations that don’t have to be as discrete. And that’s where he’s excelling.