In barely two years, Former has managed to create a brand with a defined style that takes references from skate and surf but that goes far beyond that. The original idea by Austyn Gillette, Dylan Rieder, Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson omitted the precedents of streetwear to include simple and dark lines, with graphics created from carefully chosen photographs.

The stories of Former’s creators already strayed away from the norm. Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson are considered to be two of the best free surfers in the world, their vision of sport opposes that of the biggest competitions and judges’ scores. Californian like them is Austyn Gillette, an unclassifiable skater, photographer and musician who along with Dylan Rieder made up the most urban side of Former. Two skate and two surf names that rejected the notion of integrating big sponsorships and who decided to create a new brand.

Rieder was, almost unwittingly, the closest one to the fashion world; starting at Supreme and Fucking Awesome he veered to unexpected appearances in ads for DKNY with Cara Delevingne. Vogue chose him as one of the young trendsetters along with Zoe Kravitz, A$AP Rocky and Alexander Wang. For many, Dylan was the link that definitely brought skate and fashion together. His untimely death at the age of 28 made him an even bigger legend and established a network of alliances between two worlds in which Dylan was misunderstood.

Part of Former’s aesthetic is inherited from Dylan Rieder’s attitude, turned into a fashion icon for his indifference. Each collection is associated with a film which stars members of the Former team that also serve as inspiration for the garments’ graphics. A team that is growing with names like Mason Silva, Benny Howard or Jake Anderson, surfers and skaters chosen for their performance, but also to show off a unique style.