Beyoncé, Rosalía, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Drake, Rita Ora... All of them have worn Dolly Cohen's grills. Maybe because of their unique and exclusive designs. Be as it may, we are before the ultimate accessory, suitable for the bravest only.

Two and two make four. Beyoncé has been working on her first collection for adidas for some weeks now, and among the few initial pieces that were revealed, there is one that particularly caught the attention. It's the grill that Queen B herself wore in the promo photos, shaped like her brand's name 'Ivy Park'. This came around at the same time when the world’s recovery after the aesthetic proposal of Rosalía, in her videoclip for A Palé. Dare to guess what’s stands out more in the video? The same item: a grill that the artist wears on her teeth, with the song’s title.

Same as before: two and two make four, and in fact Beyoncé and Rosalía's grills are way too similar to have no connection at all. The common denominator here has a first and last name: Dolly Cohen, a former dentist who suddenly decided to hang the white coat and explore the much cooler world of grills. In her case too, it all comes down to a “two and two make four”. She made her first grill because her boyfriend asked for it, but then someone saw it and asked for one, and then another person asked for another one, and suddenly, Instagram had to fully surrender to Cohen's grills. Her main rule helped increase her unstoppable fame: her creations are unique and if she designs something for you, she'll never reproduce it for another person.

Legend has it that the first celebrity to approach this Parisian artist was none other than A$AP Rocky. And then Rihanna, seeing what Dolly had made for the rapper, asked her to create an AK-47 assault rifle grill that immediately became controversial. Then, Cara Delevingne saw Rihanna's one and asked for a grill too. And the same happened to Rita Ora, Drake, Madonna and Lil Wayne. A true chain of events that is still under construction and that has made the grills become an accessory that has nothing to do with the aesthetics of the most violent hip-hop. And so now we all fancy a grill. Especially because, if it's a former dentist who designs them exclusively in 18 karat gold, how wouldn't it become such a desirable whim?