SVD digs deeper into the Hyperalliance of 3D artist and art director, Inès Marzat and music producer and visual artist, Victor Watel. The French pair creatively known as ines.alpha and panteros666 continuously push the boundaries of digital art, music, and reality. Their persistent exploration of all that is creative cyber in today’s ever expanding digital civilization is a refreshing lens from which to examine relationships and love this Valentine’s Day.

What is love to Hyperalliance?

Love is our drive. Before meeting each other, we were both in love with creating things. So our creative forces merged unconsciously as well when we started dating. Love inspiration + support. + dream x infinity. We created Hyperalliance to bring new ideas in the field of club music and graphic design in Paris with people we like and… love.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is famous to be very commercial now unfortunately. Though it’s a beautiful day to celebrate love and friendship! That’s why we like to keep it simple and authentic, without any pressure. It’s just the perfect day to chill, take care of ourselves, take some time to reconnect, and cuddle in bed. 

We are digitally connected 24/7 - how does this affect human relationships in a cyber world?

It’s amazing and overwhelming at the same time. You can connect and meet so many cool people from around the world, people you would never have thought you would talk to. But we personally feel very frustrated when we can’t meet them IRL. It’s important to stay connected to the real relationships. You can quickly spend a huge amount on social media for being super lonely at the end of the day.

Have either of you ever felt a spark with someone you’ve met online?

Sure! We are in our 30s, so we began chatting online even before Myspace. It wasn’t as easy as today to meet people of the same interest online. It was more random, but meeting someone online has a lot of magic, because your imagination works a lot from chats and still images or even videos. 

Do you believe in cyberlove?

Ines: We could have serious crushes online, and even with an AI robot! If you can connect emotionally and have a lot of interests in common. But I don’t know if I could seriously fall in love because I need hugs! And beware, even though Internet is now part of tangible reality, there’s an art of disguise and "mise en scène" that sometimes doesn’t exist outside of Instagram or Youtube.

What do you love most about your work?

We love the reactions of people when they see our videos for the first time. They can’t believe it, they think it’s weird, they don’t understand, or they see something we never imagined… that’s priceless.

Describe Hyperalliance in three words.

Hypergeography - Hyperclubbing - Hyperdigital

What do each of you bring to the table in your Hyperalliance?

Panteros takes care of the audio and Ines takes care of the visual, but we always share our thoughts on everything.

What can we expect from Hyperalliance in the future?

We are working on future releases with new graphic concepts, we started with VR videos and 3D clubs, now we are developing new concepts, it takes time to build!