Kabrina Adams is one of the most thriving figures of New York culture due to her desire to invigorate feminine skate culture with her gang called Skate Kitchen, the subject of a recent documentary endorsed by Jaden Smith. But, watch out, because there are many other revolutions inside of Kabrina Adams.

The world of skate is, most likely (along with other neighbouring ones like surf), generally-speaking one of the most sexist when it comes to sports. For that reason, it’s important to suddenly have figures such as Kabrina Adams, who are ready to break the mould of what’s seen as “boyish” with a feminine energy that isn’t necessarily feminist, but it does seem particularly progressive.

After all, it’s been a while since Kabrina started trying to revolutionise the world of skate from the inside, and, above all, in one of the most unique ways possible. For starters, she isn’t into sports competitions and she has never had the intention of partaking in them, she’s there rather as a figure that is reminding the world that, beyond medals or contracts with big brands, skating is a culture in itself and a lifestyle that is dynamic enough to grasp and project all types of changes.

Changes as, for example, having the chance to give voice to those skater girls through the gang Skate Kitchen’s foundation in New York. And also yhe chance for the gang to be the subject of one the most celebrated documentaries of the last seasons, titled just like them Skate Kitchen and directed by Crystal Moselle and with stellar appearances from inside the cast like Jaden Smith.

This is the starting point that has turned Moonbear (the nickname under which Kabrina Adams is also known as) into one of the most eloquent spokespersons of the Body Positive movement. In fact, her stance on breaking the traditional canon of beauty as well as the assimilation that all bodies are beautiful reaches an even more necessary extreme with the Free My Boobs foundation, a website and platform that also joins that #FreeTheNipple movement which, for a while now, has been rubbing salt in the wound that is the systemic censorship coming from social media regarding the feminine nipple.

And, of course, one thing leads to another and, obviously, it was just a matter of time before the fashion world would have a fixation over Kabrina. Reebok has just chosen her as an ambassador for their Pyro model in a campaign that fits like a glove to the retro aesthetic with afro touches of this girl who doesn’t have enough with being a skater and an activist, as she’s also well-known for her sessions as a DJ and she continues to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, but this time from the music field.

With all of this load on her shoulders as well as her exuding youth, it is very clear that these revolutions seen in Kabrina Adams are just the first of many… Which will be the next cause Moonbear will jump to?