The news is out there: representing Dior, Kim Jones has designed the outfits with military influences for BTS’ new tour. And this piece of news drives us to ask an inevitable question: but, wait, who are these guys from this boyband who is conquering the West from South Korea by releasing pop 2.0 bangers, impossible choreographies and music videos that are bigger than life?

Some tales are better told by looking at the end instead of the beginning to be better understood. Ultimately, if anyone from your life talks about BTS, you’ll most likely ask yourself for two seconds where those initials come from, whether it is a disease or an international bank, or whatever. And right after you’ll forget about it and return to your Instagram feed. But, of course, what happens when those initials appear next to the news of ‘Kim Jones designs outfits for BTS’ new tour?’. That you’ll end up paying attention. Obviously.

But that’s the happy ending of this tale that will never be adapted by Disney because they’re into more of a manga aesthetic. Or, to be more specific, the manhwa aesthetic, which is the Korean version of manga. The BTS initials come from the Korean words Bangtan Sonyeondan (which literally means ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’), even though when it comes to their Western market they’ve sometimes referred to themselves with other versions like Beyond The Scene or Bangtan Boys. BTS comes from South Korea and, as it just so happens with other boybands, (although many refuse to accept the harsh truth) they were created by the company Big Hit Entertainment, which in the year 2013 was in charge of releasing their first hit No More Dream.

Since then, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, V, Suga, Jin and J-Hope have become the greatest heroes of this Korean wave that has been called by the media as the ‘hallyu’ and which is relying on music and TV shows to jump onto the Western market. A market that, by the way, couldn’t be more receptive… In 2017, for example, BTS became the first Korean group in history to be nominated at the Billboard Music Awards, where they won the Top Social Media Artist category. A year later, in 2018, the band wasn’t only named by Forbes as the most influential entity from Korea inside their Korea Power Celebrity list, but they also appeared on the cover of Time magazine’s international edition, which openly called the members the Leaders of the New Generation.

And, what about their music? They’re brilliant if you’re into k-pop. You already know how they do it in South Korea: they have a vision of business that is purely about business. Their industry is an extremely well-oiled machine and that’s exactly why they’re releasing such effective products like BTS or the girl band Blackpink. They all have in common pop 2.0 songs with extremely danceable fast beats that are ready to be shown off in the shape of perfectly surreal choreographies that are then greatly shown off in those bigger than life music videos. The ones that we wouldn’t even be able to afford here.

That is how we reach the end of the tale (for now): with Kim Jones –via Dior– designing outfits with visible military influences for BTS’ tour, which is just another way of definitely confirming that these Koreans have nothing to worry about when it comes to conquering the West… Because they already have them eating by the palms of their hands.