When trying to define Liam Hodges we cannot just talk about patchworks, deconstructions and playing with different structures. He graduated from London’s Royal College of Arts in 2013, from his first collections he already showed maturity in his patterns that weren’t afraid of mixing influences from adolescent subcultures which already showed signs of a new masculinity that tried to express itself differently.

Hodges talks about fun, he finishes his designs with sealing tape and seems unconcerned about his own image but in reality everything works as a screen that hides well-founded ideas, as if he knew exactly what he was doing in each moment, with a certainty that can only be understood when you get to know his collection. A powerful identity that blends streetwear and luxury without having to look at current trends.

At SVD we welcome Liam Hodges’ new collection, Mutations in the 4th dimension, an answer to the nostalgia and the search for perfection that usually operate in the world of fashion. It uses the author and inventor Raymond Kurzweil’s predictions, which presaged that in 2029 computers would be able to pass the Turing test. Hodges uses the graphics that come up from tesseract projections (a four-dimensional cube), stamped shirts that have suffered from incorrect reproduction patterns, designs that are based on the nineties movie called Hackers and on the Korean artist Lee Bul. References to a future just as it was imagined in the past.

A disturbing world of mutations in which identity is an evolving process and the path towards self-knowledge is born out of experimenting with errors.