Queen & Slim film is leading absolutely everyone to talk about Melina Matsoukas... That is why it is more necessary than ever to put things in place and claim a career that this director has long been eloquently and necessary working.

Queen & Slim has just released in Spain a bit by surprise and against all odds. The same as, on the other hand, will be happening in many other countries of the world. At the end of the day, this film has been followed closely by all the search engines of those cinematographic pearls that usually remain stranded, totally invisible, in the margins of the usual premieres... And, when time goes by without these pearls becoming visible on the big screens, that only means one thing: it is time to lose hope of seeing them (at least, by natural and official means).

But what has been said: Queen & Slim has finally been released, and that can only mean that the name of Melina Matsoukas is finally going to become a common currency among the usual cinephilia. Something that, in fact, should have happened a long time ago if we consider that we are facing the director of some of the most dazzling video clips of the decade of the 10 that we have just closed. Namely: We Found Love by Rihanna , Losing You by Solange , Formation de Beyoncé and not only that: Matsoukas has also flared on television with episodes for such iconic series as Masters of None and Insecure .

Are you catching the common denominator factor now? Indeed, Melina has a sublime look on blackness and, in general, on ethnic issues. Not surprisingly, we are in front of an artist born in New York who lives in Los Angeles and who has Greek, Jewish, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Jamaican blood. That is something that has also ended up leaking in her film debut, the aforementioned Queen & Slim. With a script co-written with Lena Waithe (who already appeared in Master of None and has become one of the essential figures of the latest LGBTIQ fight generation), the film is interpreted by Daniel Kaluuya as a solvent value thanks to Get Out and by Jodie Turner-Smith as an upward value destined to hoard looks in the near future.

But, at this point, it is worth asking: what is the hype around Queen & Slim? It is a kind of Natural Killers in which racism is at the heart of the plot: two lovers are forced into a violent flight when one of the two shoots at a white policeman in self-defense. They're saying that the rhythm is vertiginous, the plot is impeccable and the result is dazzling... And, above all, they say that we better get familiar with the name of Melina Matsoukas, because the director has long been working for a career as eloquent as necessary.