Five teenagers that were trying to create their own uniforms, that’s how NASASEASONS started in 2015. A gang of Parisians that were in love with art and that would hang out in Colette in the time that the lines between streetwear and luxury were being demolished.

The easiest way of proclaiming their message was through hats, they worked as a canvas which they used to capture their teenage cries. “ALMOST FAMOUS” or “NO PICTURES” went from being an inside joke to a motto that we saw on top of the heads of Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, James Harden or North West. Don’t expect a big campaign behind them, in most cases, it was only the creative designer of the brand, Alexandre Daillance @millinsky who was sending DMs to celebrities on Instagram.

Their phrases and items reflect how a generation faces love, fame, social media or fashion. Their hats were combined with luxury items, the expression of a teenage culture in which authenticity and product quality are what’s most important.

After creating those hats, NASASEASONS has developed their own concept with t-shirts, hoodies and shirts inspired by the result of the merch from the big tours from the eighties but with a clear direction towards luxury. Not in vain, The Rolling Stones relied on @millinsky to develop the collection of their tour, joining their short yet impactful list of collaborations between which the Russian DJ Cyber69, Swarovski and Rimowa (LVMH’s suitcase line) are found.

Energetic, shameless and teenager, NASASEASONS’s explosion has placed @millinsky in Forbes’ 30 under 30 people to follow list. And he could still appear eight more times.