For those who are outraged by seeing people wear socks and sandals, what will they think about sneakers made of tennis balls? Or slippers equipped with a camera? Or maybe shoes that have a structure that consists of an egg holder, with, by the way, eggs on it? These things might sound absurd to you, but that’s what the objects that Nicole McLaughlin creates are all about: pieces that meet halfway between design, fashion and art, with a nod to sustainability that isn’t exempt of humour and with some well-intentioned criticism.

The New Yorker Nicole McLaughlin learned sign language in high school thanks to a boyfriend of hers, then studied at university speech and language pathology, but finally dropped out and went for design. Her knowledge on design and visual language, on top of her training about the process of shoemaking, as she used to work full-time at Reebok, has been essential to developing her most personal project: impossible shoes that she has imagined but that didn’t really end there, just sketched out on paper, but as objects that you can touch and wear.

We imagine that Nicole does not walk around with an ice pack on her feet and that these pieces, more than items of clothing, are pieces of art that make us think about how necessary recycling and therefore sustainability is, but with a smile on our face. After the shoes came the trousers made of Ralph Lauren shirt pockets and tops made out of Patagonia fanny packs or arm watches, to name a few examples. Basically, whatever crosses her mind, no matter how impossible they seem, she makes them come true.

For those of you who’d like to know if her creations are on sale, no, they’re not. For the moment we’ll have to be satisfied by following her designs on her Instagram account, which by the way has almost 190k followers. But something tells us that if she finally ends up putting her work on sale, she won’t lack customers.