Nike’s designers usually have to design to satisfy the demands of the best of athletes, but what would a product designed by them look like? This question was answered at the end of the eighties when a group of designers from Nike started to visit the mountains and deserts of the North American midwest.

For their outdoor activities, they needed a new type of product that had little do with the demands of elite sports; it had to solve problems that were not posed by other activities, it had to be multifunctional, long-lasting and had to adapt itself to the changing conditions of the mountain. That’s where its name All Conditions Gear comes from. The creation of a new category allowed for a series of licenses, there weren’t any models they could mimic nor traditions that could be broken, everything was new. They could even allow themselves humorous details and inside jokes.

During its thirty-year-lifespan, Nike ACG has been reconverting its lines to adapt them to different types of usages, but it has always maintained its outlook on the mountains and its completely new approach on design.

The new Nike ACG collection revolves around one of the most basic mountain needs, the ability to transport everything necessary. It analysed the usage of pockets in all of its garments and designed new articles to resolve new needs. The result is a collection with simple storage methods that allow for easy access and for the interior to be seen. On the aesthetic side, it recovers the style of daring ACG prints through designs that are inspired by rocky formations.