Chaos and balance appear in veiled ways in Undercover’s collections. Sometimes it’s just a contrast of fabrics, colours or cuts whilst other times they become less covert only to show themselves in the most explicit way possible. This is constant in Jun Takahashi’s work, from his beginnings in the nineties he has turned the Balance-Chaos legend into a household name.

The new Undercover and Nike collection appears to be created from striking characters, but they hide behind details of their eternal fight between chaos and balance. The Nike x Undercover Fishtail Parka reveals a subtle pattern of lines in the shape of a diamond when they come in contact with water. And that is only one of the details of the collection that are kept hidden. In the left sleeves a window allows prompt access to the watch, the front bellow pockets are designed to increase capacity, the side zippers allow for ventilation in a cushioned interior piece that works as an independent garment. Small details that appear to be created to not call attention on top of a striking image.

The fight between the visible and the hidden also appears in the Nike x Undercover Air Max 720, built around the emotional character of the original design and Undercover’s punk references, but above all in the React Boot. Conceived from a midsole with Nike’s latest cushioning technology, the multiple superimposed pieces are originally inspired by the traditional rubber boots from work uniforms and they even keep the apparently simple system to wear them with two side handles. But this design holds a secret, an Air unit in the collar that retrieves an idea that already appeared in the 1989 Nike Air Pressure. An external air pump that allows you to personalise the shoe fit by pumping up the interior from the valve place next to the heel.

Nike’s original idea from the eighties looked for the perfect shoe to fit by air pressure to avoid using laces but the technology of the ear wouldn’t allow for that. The Nike x Undercover React Boot prefers to hide a tool that has taken three decades to develop and to focus its design in pieces that are inspired by movement.

A game of opposites in the latest collaboration between Jun Takahashi and Nike that takes on nature and its changing conditions. A collection based on Undercover’s punk spirit and its particular vision on chaos and balance.