For the first time, Jordan is collaborating with Patta in a collection that includes an Air Jordan VII and a line of items that follow the same inspiration, the geometrical prints of the first Jordan VII colourway. Jordan’s approach to a European brand could have only been done through the sneaker that Michael wore during Barcelona’s 1992 Olympic Games.

Those vibrant graphics from the Jordan VII were also a sign of Michael Jordan’s explosion at the time, as he went from being a basketball star to a global phenomenon. Right before the start of the Olympic Games, Michael Jordan took a walk around Barcelona, starred in a press conference with Sergei Bubka, visited the Olympic Stadium and let himself be filmed under a huge advertising banner, always dressed in the indescribable collection that followed that Jordan VII.

Those unmistakable geometrical patterns were in reference to Africa, which was key to Guillaume Schmidt, who’s one of the founders of Patta. Originally from Surinam, a former Dutch colony with a powerful community of African ancestry, Guillaume chose Patta as the name for his business, which is the word used in Surinam to refer to sneakers.

Jordan was already a star, but his impact was being recognised globally for the first time. Guillaume Schmidt and Vincent van de Waal (Patta’s Creative Director) regard the Jordan VII as their first reference, it reminds them of that glorious era for basketball and hip hop, which they decided had to be the central motive for their collaboration. Inspired by one of the most celebrated colours of the Jordan VII (grey, black and burgundy) they wanted the sneaker to have warmer colours that were more similar to Patta’s pallets, with brown and a touch of pink. For the first time, there’s a logo from a brand that isn’t Jordan in the midsole, and it lends itself in the vibrant textile collection.

A collaboration that revisits Jordan’s essence to unite the streets of Amsterdam.