The current outdoor wave has helped many designers discover a world of new materials and functionalities which at the very beginning were only available for those who needed technical performance in the high mountains.

Fashion has made a turn towards the outdoors, shifting the focus on brands created for mountain enthusiasts and Roa might possibly be the best to accept their double life. Designed in Italy and manufactured by keeping a conscientious respect towards tradition, Roa uses cured and waxed leather to improve its durability and water-repellency, anti-tear textiles and aradimic fibres like the ones used in bulletproof vests and a midsole-sole ensemble exclusively created by Vibram for Roa which combines phyon to absorb impacts and megagrip rubber to ensure grip on any type of surface.

However, Roa doesn’t only look at the outdoors, according to their definition it is “a brand for mountain enthusiasts, rooted in passion and search for beauty”. Which is why nobody was surprised when Alyx or Brain Dead went to Roa for their technical partner for a few collaborations that took the mountains as a starting point towards new trends.

It has become the benchmark brand for those who mix the outdoors and asphalt. Roa continues to explore that path in their Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the first stand-alone collection to arrive at SVD. Some of their designs, now seen as brand classics, have been interpreted in technical materials and metallic finishings, bleached textiles and subtle paint splatters that add another dimension.

A relatively unexplored field in fashion in which functionality has always eclipsed trends and that is now drawing in consumers that are attracted by a product made in Italy that goes beyond mountaineering traditions.