When you utter the words art and sneakers in the same phrase, the first thing that normally comes to mind is the image of a pair of customised sneakers, but this isn’t the case for Rudy Lim. In fact, instead of creating new personalised sneakers he completely deconstructs limited edition models which he later reconstructs and exhibits as sculptures. Far from simply being destroyed sneakers, Rudy manages to transform them into true pieces of art that show off footwear from a different perspective.

Without any kind of artistic background other than the sketches he draws in his free time, Rudy one day decided to direct his Nike Air More Uptempo to understand how they had been built. Soon after he started deconstructing other models and saw how each pair had a totally different construction. That’s when he realised that other people could be interested in this and he found the way to show and exhibit exactly what he had just learned. And that is how through hot glue and wires he decided to reconstruct sneakers in such a way that they seem to be suspended in the air as if the moment in which they explode has been frozen in time.

Among the models which he has been able to dismember we can, for example, find the Air Max 1/97, famously known to be designed by sneakerhead Sean Wotherspoon and for being one of the most coveted models of the last few years. But Rudy couldn’t care less about the exaggerated price tag of the sneaker he’s about to use, fort hat matter, that’s the last thing he’s interested in. In fact, he has even said about this: “Lots of people ask me, ‘Are you rich?’ or ‘Don’t you know how much they’re worth?’ I know how much they resell for but it doesn’t really matter to me. Who knows? Maybe my work will be worth more.”