Samuel Ross’s name and his brand A-COLD-WALL* have started to become omnipresent and do you know exactly why? Just by doing a quick run through his career (including mentions to Virgil Abloh and Kanye West) is more than enough in order to answer this question.

You may have heard Samuel Ross name in four very different instances. You may be a diver searching for fashionista pearls in their most primitive states and so the Ross surname might sound familiar from his beginnings in the world of fashion, when he graduated from De Montfort University (in Leicester), where he studied graphic design and illustration, and he created the brand 2wnt4 with his friend Ace Harper. Or it might be that the first time you heard of Samuel Ross’ name was when Virgil Abloh hired him as assistant creative for Off-White in 2013 and, also, he got him to work at Kanye West’s Yeezy. Or you might be familiar with the moment in which, when he was just 25 years old, he created his own brand: A-COLD-WALL*.

This last event happened in 2015 and, since then, not only has he managed to become a finalist for prestigious awards given by ANDAM or LVMH, but he has also managed to reach the not-at-all insignificant figure of 1.7 million dollars in annual profit. In just three seasons, A-COLD-WALL* has made a name for themselves in the fashion industry and has become a regular seller on indispensable platforms like Ssense, Barneys (New York), GR8 (Tokyo) and Selfridges (London).

His latest achievement from his unstoppable ascending career in A-COLD-WALL* has been his recent collaboration with Nike in the form of sneakers, which, without a doubt, have completed Samuel Ross’ legitimising process as the great guru of the future of streetwear. And even though that word, streetwear, is something that the designer has always perceived as negative, as an obstacle he’s been trying to overcome. In every occasion he’s had a chance to talk about it, Ross has said that streetwear is sort of a class differentiation that has been automatically imposed, to distinguish street fashion from haute couture. This might be why lately he’s been starting to show appreciation towards high fashion brands that are embracing streetwear.

In this embrace, Ross sees a type of democratisation of fashion. Does this sound too intellectual and conceptual? Maybe. That is exactly what most celebrate about A-COLD-WALL*, it is a brand that has never hidden their inspiration of the British class system (the designer was born in Brixton and was raised in Northamptonshire) or his repeated explorations towards elevated concepts like race or architecture. In A-COLD-WALL*’s collections, workers’ clothing is mixed with streetwear, and tailoring with work uniforms. When talking about his creations, Samuel Ross doesn’t talk about clothing, but of art. He doesn’t talk about collections, but performances.

So, unsurprisingly, celebrities like Kehlani, Jaden Smith and the aforementioned Virgil Abloh are fans and are known to wear clothing by A-COLD-WALL*. And, unsurprisingly, after everything that has been mentioned in this article, soon there won’t be many people left who won’t be unfamiliar to with this designer. After all, in a world obsessed with turning fashion designers into rockstars, it’s pretty obvious that Samuel Ross’ name is next on the list.