At Sivasdescalzo, we’ve just launched a new app for smartphones that will give you access to the most exclusive raffles, the most pioneering releases, to your own SVD account, and to loads of different content about sneakers in particular and the fashion world in general… You can download it on your App Store and start exploring all its possibilities.

One can always go further. And, actually, if there’s something to be said about Sivasdescalzo is that we’re always working to push ourselves further and to overcome our own limits. That’s the only way to explain that, after establishing ourselves internationally as a shop specialised in limited edition sneakers, we’ve started to pave the way towards a new horizon that includes fashion in a broader sense. And it also explains that our new firm step is launching our own and exclusive mobile app.

It’s official: Sivasdescalzo is the first sneaker retailer in Spain to launch its own app, full of options highlighting our approach's exclusivity towards the sneaker world, which have always gone hand in hand. To start with, from now on, the app will be the most direct way to access the raffles from SVD’s releases wherever you are (worldwide). And, actually, users will be able to participate in raffles celebrated exclusively on the app.

But the benefits of being part of SVD’s new app are more than that. You will also be able to manage all of your personal account’s data to access all the information in the most personalized way possible (including an interesting tool/function to keep track of your orders). Access a calendar with the release dates of the most coveted products, get to know the promotions exclusive to the app, discover collections and limited edition collabs, and schedule notifications in order to not miss a thing (and regretting about it later). All this, knowing that an app like this is the best way to fight bot participation in raffles.

As the icing on the cake, our app will be the best place to enjoy exclusive content about fashion, sneakers and lifestyle. Every day, you’ll have a new portion of sneaker culture, but you shouldn’t miss our in-depth articles about relevant topics of today or our interviews with various artists. And this is just the beginning. Although if you want to know what’s next, what’s the next step, you’ll have to discover it through our app.