If you find out that your neighbor has a parallel life, you freak out... So it's normal to freak out even more when you find out that your favorite musical artists have parallel lives too. In this article we talk about three cases that are purely contemporary.

Is there anything more morbid than parallel lives? We've all been thrown off course from time to time by stories of people who suddenly find out that they've been supporting a second family for years without anyone knowing it. And yet, in the 21st century, this concept of parallel life may seem more outdated than ever... After all, doesn't today's working world force us to lead thousands of parallel lives, to know a little bit of everything, to be able to shine in one professional branch but also in others that may sometimes be adjacent but many other times have nothing to do with each other?

In any case, no matter what, whether multitasking is imposed or not, the rhythm of time will always be incapable of completely annihilating the magnetism that parallel lives exert on us. And even today, when musicians have finally shown us that genres are of no use and that they can now do trap and then rock, it is frankly difficult not to be deeply fascinated when you come across cases of musicians you like who, out of the blue, set a parallel project that sounds like you never imagined your idol could sound.

In this year 2020, in fact, we are seeing how these cases are multiplying... And, for that very reason, we want to talk to you about three unexpected parallel projects by artists you know well.

SUFFER STEVENS & LOWELL BRAMS. Sufjan Stevens' latest album was called Carrie & Lowell in honor of the names of his mother and stepfather. Now she is also joining forces with Lowell himself on Aporia, an album that will move away from the delicate folk that Stevens is used to, to explore an exuberant and psychedelic new age that has nothing to do with that other artist you are thinking of because of the aforementioned label. Seriously, stop thinking about Enya. Because this is new age like you've never heard of.

DARK MORPH. Jónsi, singer and frontman of Sigur Rós, has always been very inclined to make collaborations aimed at the area of eco-consciousness. A few months ago, however, these concerns materialized in a specific project: Dark Morph, a duo with Swedish composer Carl Michael von Hausswolff. Their joint work has a very clear aim: to raise awareness of the urgency of preserving the oceans by creating spectral songs from field recordings of sea animals.

AGAINST ALL LOGIC. Nicolas Jaar does not like to explain himself. Just like the music industry is obsessed with release calendars and promotion studied to the millimeter... This man has redefined the face of today's electronics without conforming to these canons. When he has presented an album, he has done it by surprise. And, at the same time, he has never explained absolutely anything about Against All Logic, a parallel project in which he explores its more danceable side and which has recently compiled its latest tracks in the album 2017-2019.