From very different backgrounds, Suicoke and Maharishi have managed to create an alliance in which they share ideas and styles in a simple, organic and unexpected way.

Suicoke is a Japanese brand that from its original sandals they have been able to develop a new concept of footwear with designs that were quickly accepted as a fashion accessory. Through its collaborations with Aries, John Elliott, Bape or Tyler The Creator they have turned their traditional style into a global phenomenon.

Maharishi is a classic of British workwear, a cult brand that has studied camouflage, the military aesthetic and sustainability since its beginnings in 1994. Founded in the United Kingdom, they have been able to manage a vast catalogue of references in which they combine streetwear, Asian cultures, vintage collector’s items and extreme utilitarianism.

Suicoke’s looking at the West from Japan, Maharishi’s looking at Asia from London. Positions that seem to be antagonistic but that come together at a point, the tabi, the traditional Japanese footwear that divides the first toe from the rest and that appeared in both brands’ collections.

Suicoke and Maharishi build their collaboration with two new silhouettes, Kuno and Maho that evolve with very different results. The Suicoke x Maharishi Maho is based on the tabi with an adapted midsole from which they build on top an apparently traditional boot with suede, neoprene and a quick Snocord closure. The Suicoke x Maharishi Kuno uses the Japanese brand’s classic sandals as a starting point, adapting them for its Winter use with an ankle boot in a removable neoprene that can be used independently.

Everything has minimal branding, in a palette of dark tones and it places its focus on functionality. Two evolutions over the Tabi concept from different perspectives but with Suicoke and Maharishi’s style.