We know, the invite was a bit enigmatic. “Follow your own rabbit” is what we said to arouse your curiosity. But once you reached our Barcelona store, everything started to make sense. Yesterday, we welcomed the Nike ZoomX Vista Grind, by visiting Wonderland, where you were Alice and the white rabbit was none other than your own dreams. Follow your dreams. Until you achieve them. That’s the message. But we weren’t alone, the presentation was done by teaming up with the Loom collective and Oscila Studio, who’re responsible for the window display and the light installation that you’ll be able to visit throughout the whole month of July on the lower floor.

It’s precisely this installation that makes a direct reference to Alice in Wonderland, with which Loom and Oscila Studio want to defend that which we have inside of us and drives us to follow our dreams, sometimes against our own instinct. But let’s not forget that the Nike ZoomX Vista Grind are sneakers that take part of Nike’s women’s collection, which is why the night was tinged with more of a feminist view against patriarchal conventions that oppress many female athletes. Because, at the end, obstacles are just that, obstacles that can be dodged and jumped through, that are not going to prevent you from reaching your goal, like those laser beams from the installation, which at first you might not want to get anywhere near them, but in the end you realise that you can touch them, without a problem.

Without leaving the activism behind, obviously, all presentations have their more hedonistic part. The music stood out last night at Sivasdescalzo just as much as those laser beams did. On deck was Madrid-based Albal from Chica Gang and Tash LC, who came from London, with them, the guests couldn’t stop dancing to the rhythm of electronic music, touches of reggaeton and afrobeat. And, of course, while holding an ice cold Brutus beer. One thing’s for sure, the Nike ZoomX Vista Grind couldn’t have had a better welcome party.

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