We live in an era devoted to DJs. We thought we didn’t, that we had already gotten over it and music and only music was again what was most important. But let’s not fool ourselves, DJs like Tutu, who prefer for their mixes to be listened to before showing their face, are scarce on the international scene. And that’s why it’s so stimulating to talk to her.

There are people who enter the music world as posers, who do it for the fans, fame, and an ego boost which suddenly entails that a whole loyal audience will validate your art. These are the kind of musicians that not only show themselves publicly but, above all, they show their face for it to be seen in pictures, screens, marquees, magazine covers and as many places possible. Because, as the saying goes “my face is my credential to get into the VIP”, and this is truer than ever in the 21st-century of the multiscreen and the constant broadcasting of our lives, live on social media.

But there’s also another type of artist, those who are fully aware that the music comes first. Music first, and themselves after. If they’re not seen, that’s fine. In fact, much better, because what needs to speak for itself is their musical offering and not the media spectacle that is built around their persona.

Tutu is that kind of artist, one of the best-kept secrets of the Spanish DJ scene. And she doesn’t shy away from cameras, by no means. She’s far from doing what somebody like John Talabot does, appearing in every single promo photo with silver paper on his face in order to protect his identity. If she has to show her face, Tutu will do it. But, above all, what she does is delivering a musical offering that approaches electronic music from different points of view. Without being tied to a genre. Without affiliating herself to a side. Without any preconceived notions nor clichés. When Tutu plays, anything can happen. That’s why it’s so interesting to have her in front of you to get to know her DJ side and the person behind that even better.

It seems that the person behind Tutu has always managed to stay in the shadows for the music to be in limelight… Why was that your choice?

At the end of the day, the mixes speak for themselves… I’m focused on doing my thing… But there’s light everywhere.

How did you start getting into the world of music, where did you come from and where were you headed?

There has always been music, I come from classical training and, later, my first partner taught me how to turntables. We separated four years ago, and that was when I started with my own investigations.

What would you say has been your peak (for now) as a DJ?

There’s a few:  Sónar, Warp’s The Warehouse Showcase at Primavera… But I fondly remember having opened Berlin Atonal two years in a row, in their 2017 and 2018 editions.

You are known for your eclectic sessions that have no understanding of genres. Is this your unique way of understanding music in the 21st-century, when the concept of “genre” is no longer being used?

I’ve never used labels, but I’m moved by emotions, instinct and life experiences. I guess there are other ways of experiencing music, but emotion’s always present.

What is your latest musical obsession that you can’t stop talking about to everyone?

I have many influences:  Beatrice Dillon, N.M.O., EVOL, AGF, M.E.S.H., Dale Cornish, Renick Bell, Lorenzo Senni…

How was your collaboration with female:pressure and why was this platform for women, in all of its spectra (cis, trans and non-binary), consecrated in electronic music and digital art, so important?

Antonia Folguera invited me to do a mix for her program and I’m now part of the platform. We share content and we help each other.

In the pictures you wear your own t-shirt, tell us a bit about it.

This t-shirt is a TU. The concept is by Pedro Pineda, who brought two prototypes for my opening of Berlin Atonal 2018. From here, we decided to produce the rest of them in collaboration with Todojunto, Ric Duque and Tiago Pina, and A Go-Go Prints, Clara Mur. We currently have a small edition in serigraphy of fifty TU-shirts.

Jacket NIKE, trousers NORWOOD.
Jacket NIKE, t-shirt TU-SHIRT.
Jacket NIKE.
Trousers NORWOOD, shoes NIKE.
Jacket NIKE, t-shirt TU-SHIRT, trousers NORWOOD.
Jacket NIKE.
  • Photography: Viridiana Morandini