The American artist Tyrrell Winston creates works of art from objects that he finds on the streets of New York. What is considered to be trash by many is what he ends up collecting and using to make his art pieces. Having held several solo shows, Tyrrell’s work is becoming more and more viral, which is why it is time we get to know him a bit better.

From afar you might see a piece made out of cigarette butts that are on top of a panel, but close-up you get to see the details. Lengths that point out at which stage of its consumption they have been discarded, different brand logos and a palette of reds, pinks and nudes that coat them. You can learn a lot about a person just by looking at the trash they throw out and the works of Tyrrell Winston are prime examples of this.

If a painter uses brushes, painting and canvases to create their art pieces, Tyrrell Winston reuses all things that have been discarded. A few years ago, when he was living in an apartment in the New York neighbourhood of Chelsea, when he didn’t have enough many to afford art supplies, he strolled around the streets of his borough to see what he could find. In the beginning, he found cardboards, papers and boxes that he used to make collages. Soon after he started to take in needles, deflated basketballs, used cigarettes, used nets and even acrylic nails.

Obviously,  getting the point of his work depends on what you make of it. Some people negatively critique his work as they argue that he’s only glorifying trash, but that’s a very simplistic way of seeing things. With his work, Tyrrell Winston isn’t only recontextualising ignored objects that hide different stories, but it also has a social aspect to it that should be kept in mind, for example, each time he finds a broken basketball net, he replaces it with a new one he buys himself. In his own words “I work with universal objects that stretch across cultures and places. I’m re-contextualizing the overlooked in a way that becomes unavoidable. There are underlying statements in everything that I make but those are for the viewer to decipher”.