Y-3 mixes Yohji Yamamoto’s language with its heritage and adidas’ innovation. Just as its been doing since 2002, Y-3 redefines a style that merges apparently contradictory worlds like sports performance and fashion.

Yohji Yamamoto ’s footprint is unmistakable, the poetic sensibility, playing with proportions and volumes, futuristic fabrics and a sense of humour that more often than not isn’t appreciated in fashion.

For Y-3 ’s newest campaign Yamamoto chooses the drop system, each one with different inspirations and narratives. The first of them was inspired by movement and sports culture. T-shirts, jackets and dresses that use the YOHJI brand as if it were a team. Instead of approaching sports, this first drop focuses on the public. The models, photographed by Yvan Fabing, behave as spectators of a great sporting event.

In terms of the footwear, a new version of the Kaiwa or minimalistic forms and simplified approaches to classic shapes from ‘70s basketball in the Y-3 Yuben Mid and Low models. With details that remind us of the Superstar, a classic that is reinterpreted in thousands of ways by Yamamoto, the Yuben recover a time in which spectators got close to the stars.

Y-3, the first brand that managed to merge fashion and sports, now looks at great sporting events to reinvent the style that fills up the stands.