Among the new incorporations to SVD, a brand that is showing us that their differentiation isn’t just about aesthetics. Yah! Was born out of an expert viewpoint on the world of fashion and a thorough knowledge of the vintage world, which we already learned from their first store, Kniq Hong Kong. The next step was to create Yah! with the objective of taking on a new rule in the industry, using its own story to make fashion more interesting and fun. 

Yah!’s method of production starts by selecting vintage products and from that creating new items in a process that individualises the final result. A process in which a certain homage to classic patterns is mixed with a DIY spirit, an interest in sustainability and a bit of nerve. To get to know Yah’s special philosophy a bit better we talk to Asai Au, the creative director and one of the founders of the brand.

Yah! follows a completely different process from the rest of the brands, working with recycled materials. How do you create your products?

Other brands start their design from scratch to create a final piece, but for us, we start our design from already made clothes, deconstructing then reconstructing to make a new garment. As all of our materials are from vintage clothing, we don't need to draft a design, all we need to do is just play with what we have on hand, patch, mix and match, we play with materials, prints and colours then reconstruct a wearable piece with interestingly cut fashion garments.

Your clothes have many layers (physically and literally) sustainability, fashion, pop, individualisation... What is the key element that defines Yah!?

I can say individualization. Since every piece is made from vintage clothes they’re all unique. Which means you won't get exactly the same design or style, it makes our design more personalised.

The vintage items you use as a base they all have a common denominator, pop culture (sports teams, Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob). How do you understand a pop culture from a brand that is based on individuality?

Frankly, we don't have much knowledge about pop culture. But nowadays, people give up their old clothes and buy new clothes, and it's such a waste. We love to recycle so we thought of a way to design something fun and interesting to give new life to the old clothes.

The past is one of the greatest references in fashion, but it is also a source of excessive nostalgia. How do you approach the culture of the nineties to create something new?

I believe fashion trends are a cycle. We just use vintage articles from every different fashion trend, no matter if it's from the ‘90s, ‘80s or ’70, because our main concept is to use recycled vintage clothing to reconstruct and make a new garment, so we use different themes (sports teams, the NBA, cartoons, racing cars, music bands, Harley Davidson) into a brand new design, then we fit it into the fashion trend of every season.

One of the main differences of your brand is that no two products are equal. Is it the answer to the uniformity of the big brands?

As you know you can't find exactly the same pieces when it comes to vintage clothes, luckily sometimes you may find 2 or 3 that are the same, but it won't be in bulk. We want to build up our personality in the fashion industry, also, we want the customer who wears our clothes to have their own unique piece to show their individuality.

Yah! is a funny brand. Is it something you miss in fashion?

I remember like 12 years ago when I started Kniq, there were a lot funny and interesting small brands, I brought them to my store and customers loved it. At that time, edgy and contemporary brands were very popular and I really missed it. But now, people like to wear big brands, I really hope to bring back those eras back to our current trends, to make fashion more fun and interesting.