Yok & Sheryo are two artists from Singapore and Australia who, separately, have long been catching the attention of the art world... Of course it is by intertwining their creative vision that their immersive art becomes something unique and magic.

If this were a sitcom, we would now be watching one of those intros in which the characters are presented one by one, so that you get to know them better. On the one hand we would have Sheryo, an artist from Singapore who started painting on the streets in 2005 and who ended up specializing in visual and mural art with a great influence on pulp illustrations, graphics from the skate world and kitsch sensitivity. On the other hand we would have Yok, an artist who always mentions Ren and Stimpy as his greatest influence and who, after studying art in Australia, specialized in street art.

In fact, if this were a sitcom, after the one-by-one presentation, it would be time for the intro (with very tacky music and the 80s aesthetics, please) to bring the two protagonists together and get the show going. A show in which two artists meet and, celebrating how well they get along, decide to embark on a nomadic life that allows them to travel around the world looking for new places to work... and also looking for the ultimate wave. Because Yok and Sheryo are not only united by their joint artistic vision: they are both big fans of music, surfing and skateboarding. And that ends up leaking into their collaborative works.

Surely the individual works of both artists are interesting. Very interesting. But it is when they intertwine their respective visions that the magic happens in a more palpable way. Together, they dedicated themselves to lubricating the noble art of sculpture, ceramics and moving images. That said, if they are standing out for something lately, it is precisely because of their large-scale installations that offer an immersive experience for the visitor. It could be a huge black panther head with three eyes and an inner room with red and white psychedelic graffiti. Maybe a tiger with traffic cones for teeth that has a mini art exhibition inside. Or whatever Sheryo and Yok's heart desire, because their world is fascinating, original and unique. And, above all, because it is inevitable to wish this sitcom lasted for at least fifteen seasons.