YouTube is striving forward to building a fashion-addicted audience. In fact, the three YouTubers we'll be discussing in this article have eloquent visions drawing from journalism, analytics and passion. A must-watch.

In June 2018, YouTube hired Derek Blasberg to head the fashion and beauty department within the video streaming company. The idea, from the beginning, was to cultivate the relationship with brands and influencers so that they themselves could build their audience within the platform, and create exclusive content. Nobody realized that this decision came just as Instagram released the IGTV... But there is something even more interesting behind this news. The name and surname that started it all: Derek Blasberg.

The New York Times described this 37-year-old man as the Truman Capote of his generation. As a matter of fact, he has a lot in common with the author of Breakfast at Tiffany's. To begin with, the journalistic career, that Blasberg has been practicing for media such as Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair. But above all, he shares with Capote the absolute mastery of the public relations he's able to create around himself. He's friend with relevant people such as Kendall Jenner, Gwyneth Paltrow and Karlie Kloss. And, in fact, thanks to those friendship, he managed to get Kloss and Victoria Beckham to open their YouTube channels.

Even though, some YouTubers had already paved the same path Blasberg was exploring. In the end we all associate the fashion approach on YouTube with all those wannabe influencers chasing clout rather than offering an interesting insight into the world of fashion. But there's another category of YouTubers that is redefining fashion from particularly eloquent points of view.  Here's three of the most relevant ones.

LOÏC PRIGENT. Loïc Prigent is one of those journalists trained in the era of the fanzines from the 80s and the magazines that came later, such as iD or The Face. His long career led him to documentary-making, so it's not surprising that he ended up on YouTube to offer a particularly privileged journalistic view of fashion -mostly for two reasons: because he's friend with everyone and because there is no designer who can resist to give him a pass to the backstage.

BLISS FOSTER. Whereas Prigent offers a journalistic vision, Bliss Foster leans towards a more analytical one. In his videos he can analyze a collection of Off-White and compare it to Lady Di's wardrobe, bringing visual evidence on the table. And above all, he manages to be didactic without being pedantic, unlike those who preach guru-like.

HAUTELEMODE. Luke Meagher doesn't deal with fashion in a journalistic or analytical way, but he does so with tons of knowledge, a high-profile viscerality and a good ration of impudence, criticizing even what's non-criticizable. Sometimes his videos are pure react videos, where he doesn't spare himself. But when he’s really into a debate, he knows how and where to rub salt to the wound.