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adidas Men

The adidas men's collection offers plenty of possibilities : classic and modern sneakers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, jackets, bags, caps and so much more. Discover the latest at SVD.
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adidas men: sports fashion for the contemporary man

The adidas men's collection embodies a rich narrative of sport and style. From its athletic-based origins, the brand has evolved and now offers us an array of sneakers, apparel and accessories that you can find at SVD.

Each product reflects the fusion of innovation and heritage, resonating with contemporary men seeking performance and fashion. Years of design expertise are embodied in the iconic sneakers, while the garments exude a dynamic blend of comfort and trends. The accessories are the perfect finishing touch, from caps to practical bags. adidas allows men to showcase their style in the gym, on the streets, beach or in the mountains.