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Located at the foot of the Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness, Arc'teryx was created to produce innovative and functional clothing for outdoor activities. The timeless quality, intuitive design and simplicity offered by each of its garments allow for unparalleled performance in the most extreme mountain conditions. Simple solutions for complex challenges, that’s what Arc’teryx is all about.
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Arc'teryx, the brand that dares it all

The brand itself is known for challenging the status quo, uncovering the unknown and bringing bright new ideas to the world of mountain gear. With an all-hands-on-deck team, products are tested in real-world conditions through a personal quality control system to prove they meet the standards. Based solely on craftsmanship and quality, Arc'teryx apparel and accessories are crafted with advanced premium materials, unique procedures, and meticulous attention to detail. From technical pants and thermal tees to hats for all climates, with Arc'teryx caps for warmer climates and Arc'teryx beanies for the winter months, SVD has an entire catalog full of Arc'teryx gems.

An Arc'teryx jacket for every climate

If you're looking for a jacket for snowier, wetter conditions, Arc'teryx has you covered. With jackets for men and women, you'll find everything from premium GORE-TEX snowboard jackets to the signature Arc'teryx Beta LT jacket, your ultimate mountain companion - lightweight, breathable, and waterproof, you're fully equipped. If you find yourself in rainier climates, the Arc'teryx rain jackets, shell jackets and rain coats we have for you at SVD will have you prepared for all types of weather, heavy coastal rain, deep snow, and chilly breezes. Go all in!

Arc'teryx pants: the ultimate mountain go-to piece

At SVD, we have Arc'teryx pants like the Konseal. Designed with climbing in mind, you can count on durability, performance, and comfort, while the gusseted crotch and articulated knees allow you to move with ease. Plus, if you find yourself in a harness, the waist fits comfortably underneath, and the easy-access thigh pockets add to the practicality. And why not throw an Arc'teryx vest into the mix? The ultimate ensemble for colder climates, it's lightweight, warm, and can be worn as a standalone or midlayer, making it the perfect versatile piece.

And if you're hitting the peaks in warmer environments, we're big fans of the Arc'teryx T-shirt and shorts combo. Get your hands on styles like the quick-drying Gamma Dry Shorts, made with high-performance TerraTex™ stretch nylon that is not only quick-drying but also durable, windproof, and super convenient with a five-zip pocket construction. Pair them with one of our Arc'teryx T-shirts, available in a variety of colors and designs, for the ultimate mountain fit.

Arc'teryx shoes: stylish yet practical

Designed for all terrains and environments, you can take on any adventure with confidence thanks to our carefully curated selection of Arc'teryx footwear. While athletic footwear is typically designed for the most strenuous activities, we guarantee you can still exude total style while staying comfortable and safe with Arc'teryx sneakers. Presented in sleek, streamlined styles in dark tones of black and brown, you are ready to take on the great outdoors. And trust us, they're more than just sneakers. With materials like breathable mesh, durable Vibram outsoles and GORE-TEX, premium is guaranteed.