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Gray Converse

The brand responsible for creating a streetwear icon with its iconic All Star arrives at SVD with the most exclusive silhouettes and timeless classics that should not be missing in any closet. Don't miss them!
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Between the Gray Converse High Tops and the Gray Low Top Converse, Which One Do You Choose?

When we think of sneakers and casual looks, several mythical models come to mind, and there is no doubt that one of them is the All Star. With their unmistakable silhouette, these sneakers with more than a century of history have become more than just a shoe, they are already part of our collective imagination and are an icon of streetwear around the world: wherever you go you will see someone wearing these sneakers. At SVD we want to put at your disposal the most coveted models of the American brand so that you can get your favorite pair, and for that reason we have prepared a curated selection of gray Converse women's and gray Converse women's. The neutral tone par excellence is our best ally when it comes to dressing, as it allows us to wear any color, print or shape with the peace of mind that our footwear will combine perfectly with whatever we wear. Check out the gray platform Converse and pair them with dresses, suits, jeans or skirts. The possibilities are endless! We believe that gray doesn't have to be a boring color, so we have the most iconic models made in a worn gray tone that gives the sneakers an amazing vintage look. Whether you prefer light gray Converse, dark gray Converse or gray Converse platform for your summer outfits: At sivasdescalzo you will find the perfect option for you. Don't wait any longer!