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Converse Pro Leather

First seen in 1976, the Pro Leather is one of the most iconic retro basketball silhouettes. Classic and elegant, these leather sneakers stand out for their high top and Converse logo on the side.

Looking for a Pair of Leather Converse Sneakers? The Pro Leather is the Answer

Debuting in the 1970s, the Pro Leather sneaker was a revolutionary breakthrough for the American sportswear and footwear brand Converse. The true pioneers of basketball put on the best performance sneakers ever designed at the time; the Converse Pro Leather, and created a new version of the game by performing never-before-seen aerial tricks, powerful dunks that changed the score of the game in a matter of seconds. We have different styles and colors: high, low, embroidered, printed, plain or multicolor. All of them available both in women's and men's sizes. In addition, we offer you different payment options and an express delivery service to different parts of the world, so you can receive your new shoes in record time.

Which do you like better the White Leather Converse or the Black Leather Converse?

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Converse Leather High Tops are now available at SVD

The Pro Leather also became a regular shoe among the athletes of Rucker Park, Harlem, New York, the famous basketball court where the great NBA legends of the time emerged. Find out the latest news about these legendary Converse leather shoes at SVD's online store. From the unmistakable Converse Pro Leather for men and women, to the modern Converse Platform Leather, to the timeless white leather Converse high tops and black leather Converse high tops. Don't miss out. The most sophisticated, durable and comfortable leather sneakers are just a click away at SVD.