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FRIED RICE was born in a full of xenophobia period in New York City, specifically in the Lower East Side. Its creator and designer Maya Wang, started the American brand as a fun nickname for the artistic and cultural diversity of the district, associating the neighborhood with her favorite food, the fried rice: "all mixed up in a good way".

    Fun and comfort

    FRIED RICE collections are adapted to all genders and body types, with fun designs and colors that always revolve around the concept of fun. Including cargo pants, coats, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, hats and caps, its compromise is always to make joyful and easy-to-wear clothes mixing tradition and urban style.

    FRIED RICE community

    Founder and designer Maya Wang has always seen New York City as a place of inspiration, diversity and creativity, and has turned the brand into an international community of friends, artists and customers inspired by multiculturalism and originality in urban life.