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Jason Markk

#html-body [data-pb-style=SIVUMY1]{display:flex;flex-direction:column}Keep your sneakers as clean as a whistle with Jason Markk's premium cleaning products, specially created to clean and polish your kicks. The line comprehends care and cleaning products for different materials that you can always carry around thanks to their special format.
    Jason Markk is a premium American brand that sells exclusive cleaning products especially designed to clean athletic sneakers. Thanks to its high-quality products you can clean white sneakers, fabrics, suedes, fur, and even leather. What's more, they do not use aggressive chemicals, and are respectful to the environment. At sivasdescalzo, you can buy a premium kit that includes a brush, soap solution, microfiber towel (especially designed to clean shoes without damaging them), disposable wipes (to clean your shoes on the go), as well as a kit dedicated to clean suede products. Do you want to clean your suede sneakers? We recommend the "Suede Kit". To get the best results, you should rub the sneaker with the resin "eraser", the use the included brush to finish cleaning the nubuck or suede surfaces. It's always better to prevent, than cure right? That's why in our store you can also buy a repellent to spray your sneakers, creating an invisible, yet breathable film that protects your sneakers from stains and dirt - a must for any sneaker collector! Don't forget to pamper your sneakers with the best shoe cleaning products on the market.