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MCQ, a technologically-innovative brand and platform that challenges the status quo of fashion. This division by Alexander McQueen is a global creative collective, built around the recognition of the creators who bring each collection to life. MCQ also offers a space for digital interaction through MYMCQ, a platform that helps connect consumers with product information.
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    MCQ Alexander McQueen: The future of fashion

    MCQ, the future of fashion. This new division of Alexander McQueen challenges fashion hierarchies by appointing as creative director a group of emerging creators from all over the world, who can freely express themselves in each collection, or 'icon' as the label calls it. Its avant-garde and technological pieces are engraved with the name of those who participated in its design, and come with the blockchain and NFC technology that allows, through the MYMCQ digital platform, to track each item, verify its authenticity and access exclusive content on its creation.

    An MCQ t-shirt hardly goes unnoticed. Discover MCQ clothing at SVD

    Each MCQ clothing collection is a concentration of creativity, innovation and avant-garde. The very nature of the brand, which relies on a global collective of designers for its creations, allows each garment to have its own personality while perfectly expressing the brand's philosophy. Connecting all the pieces together within the collection, despite being made by different creatives and with different designs, would seem no easy task, but Alexander McQueen's division does it exceptionally well. Wear a MCQ hoodie, sweatshirt or t-shirt and you’ll feel the high quality behind its design. The same goes for MCQ jackets and pants, as well as for MCQ shoes and sneakers (like the MCQ Descender) both featuring the same qualities of style and function as the clothing collections. Take a look at the SVD catalog and fall in love with MCQ icons.