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Tough, lightweight and fast enough to take you anywhere you want to go. These are the trail running shoes from norda, a brand founded in Canada by high-performance athletes with decades of experience in the footwear industry, that proves functionality and sustainability can go hand in hand.

    Everything you need to know about norda

    Functionality and sustainability are the words that best describe norda shoes, a trail running footwear brand for men and women that draws inspiration from Canada's most extreme climatic conditions and natural environments. Norda running shoes have been tested for years in Quebec to achieve the perfect combination of fit, cushioning, grip, weight and breathability. They are designed with innovative materials such as Dyneema, the world's strongest and lightest fiber, and Vibram, the famous high-performance soles. In addition, their sustainable manufacturing process, driven by the philosophy "Walk the Earth. Respect the Planet.", focuses on getting the most out of the best materials from the natural world we travel, leaving the smallest possible footprint, prioritizing durability over disposability, and constantly optimizing packaging, shipping, sourcing and manufacturing options. Find out the latest in norda trail shoes on the official SVD website.

    norda running shoes, a future classic

    norda's mission was to design an ultra-rugged and durable high-performance trail running shoe and to do it in a sustainable way. And they have succeeded. Indeed, the norda 001 is for runners in search of a shoe with excellent grip in a wide range of conditions, and is excellent for easy and long trail runs, regardless of the season. The Vibram Megagrip outsole delivers excellent traction on wet and muddy surfaces while retaining excellent lightness. The renewably sourced, water-resistant upper fits securely and comfortably, providing stability while running in ever-changing conditions.