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Track Pants for Men

Style and functionality are found in our selection of branded men's sweatpants. The trendy piece of the season!
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Athletic pants for men, a little history

As its name suggests, the tracksuit was originally intended to cover another garment. Thought for sportsmen, it includes of a zippered jacket and wide pants that are easily put on to maintain body heat after exercise. The sports pants for men knows its hour of glory from the 60s. New sports brands, such as adidas or Nike, started to produce on a large scale low-cost tracksuits thanks to the new elastic fibers. With Marvin Gaye and Run-DMC in the 1980s, and the 1990s with the explosion of rap music worldwide. In the poor neighborhoods of New York, within the hip-hop culture, the tracksuit reigned as a symbol of a new elegance and became a central piece of a non-conformist and refreshing aesthetic. And of course in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic along with its lockdowns and curfews put the look back in fashion. Still worn post lockdown, it has become even trendier! Essential to wear at home, but this essential piece is also making a comeback in the streets of capitals around the world.

Sports pants for men, follow the trend

You don't have to be an athlete to fall for the sporty aesthetic. Sweatpants are a timeless and versatile piece of sportswear, designed with a perfect balance of fashion and function. The men's tracksuit has become a trendy fashion piece like any other. This year again, the tracksuit is back in our closets, and this, for all tastes. This fashionable garment has invaded the fashion stores and of course those specialized in sportswear. The tracksuit has therefore gained importance in the male dressing room, whether it is for the little ones and teenagers, or the older ones. To make this casual look perfect, pair the outfit with sports shoes or flip-flops. Of course, enjoy the most technical pants like the 23 Engineered Statement Track Pants from Jordan or the Summit L1 VRT Synthetic Climb Pants from the North Face for your favorite sport activity. Take a look at our exclusive selection and choose the men's training pants that best suit your needs.