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adidas Campus

With a simple yet functional silhouette, the adidas Campus are a part of adidas history. They started out as basketball shoes, but soon became a hip-hop culture staple in the 80s.
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    adidas Campus 80s: a benchmark for the urban world

    From the basketball courts in the 80s to urban hip-hop groups, and now: the SVD website. The adidas Campus are already part of the collective imagination of sneaker lovers, both men and women alike, and they have earned a secure place in the closets of many.

    Before the adidas Campus came to be what they are today, they were launched in the 1970s under the name "Tournament" as a basketball shoe. From a technical point of view, the leather upper and grippy rubber outsole provided the necessary support and traction on the court. Success, however, came when it hopped over from the courts to the streets during the 80s hip-hop scene, and it soon became common to see some of the most renowned artists sporting them during their promotional tours.

    adidas Campus 00s: the comeback

    The adidas Campus 00 were a classic sneaker that gained popularity during the era. Originally introduced in the 1980s as a basketball shoe, the Campus were revived in the 2000s as a retro lifestyle sneaker in many colors, such as green, black or gray adidas Campus shoes. Known for its minimalist design and its iconic three-stripe branding, the Campus 00s edition featured a suede or leather upper and a rubber outsole for durability and traction. With their timeless appeal and versatile styling, the adidas Campus 00s became a favorite pick for sneaker enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals looking for a balance of vintage charm and contemporary style.