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adidas Superstar

The adidas Superstar was born in 1969 as a basketball shoe. During the 80s, the silhouette became very popular thanks to hip hop band Run–D.M.C., who wrote a song about the Superstar called My Adidas. Discover at SVD the latest Superstar arrivals, they're simply iconic.
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    adidas Superstar, a street classic

    The now classic adidas Superstars have earned a special place in the adidas catalog. Despite debuting in basketball and later becoming mainstream in hip-hop fashion, the Superstar is now a street classic. As a result of their fame, the Superstar shoes have been released in a wide range of colors and have starred in collaborations with big names such as Pharrell Williams, Rita Ora and David Beckham. Get your adidas Superstars at the best prices at SVD.

    adidas Superstar: black edition

    The adidas Superstar is a classic sneaker that exudes style and versatility. The iconic adidas Superstar design comes in black and white colorways, which offer timeless elegance and easy pairing with a variety of outfits. Adored around the world, these sneakers feature a leather upper and the iconic rubber toe cap for durability and a touch of retro charm. Whether for smart or casual wear, the adidas Superstars in both black and white are the perfect choice, combining fashion and comfort effortlessly for the perfect look.

    adidas Superstar for men and women: for the urban and sporty ones

    The adidas Superstar shoes for men and women, part of the adidas Originals collection, embody street style and athletic performance. With its legendary silhouette, the adidas Superstar boasts timeless appeal, and designs like the red adidas Superstar add a bold pop of color to any ensemble. Available in a wide range of vibrant colorways, including the classic black and white adidas Superstar, these sneakers offer unlimited styling options. Popular around the world for their iconic design and comfort, the adidas Originals Superstars remain a fashionable go-to choice for those looking for a mix of urban and sporty style.