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Puma Shoes for Men

The Puma range for men: a line of timeless kicks, rich in history and adapted to all situations. Here at SVD you can find specialist sneakers, casual kicks and soccer boots to hit the pitch, all made with high quality materials and technology.
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Puma sneakers for men: get to know this iconic kick

It was in 1968 when the legendary Puma, the 'No.1', first leapt across the corner of the logo, and to this day it remains intact. A performance-oriented brand, it sets out to boost your speed on the court, when running, in the gym, or simply walking - there is something for all athletes here at SVD. Bring history to the pitch with the timeless Puma soccer boots, the first boot to be introduced to the sporting world with the ATOM in 1950. Even donned by top striker Eusébio in 1966, there is no reason why you would turn down such a prominent brand. With its engineered mesh, stretchy knit and lightweight construction, you're bound to be speeding down the pitch.

Puma shoes for men: suitable for all walks of life

Despite its renowned fame in the sporting universe, it's not all about sports. Enhance your everyday looks with Puma lifestyle shoes, for that extra touch of urban style. Sport the Puma Suede, one of the most iconic kicks that dates back to 1968, made popular by the B-Boy subculture in the 70s and 80s. Or slip into a Puma Casual, a shoe fit for the city, or the Suede, which celebrated 50 years in 2017 by paying homage to the founder of Puma and hip-hop. Puma has the wearer solely in mind, and so do we at SVD. Choose from our selection of Puma men's shoes now. We have a variety of sneakers available, such as the Puma Vintage, the Montante for men or the Leather.