90’s TBT at SVD with the Lacoste Barcelona 1992 Olympic Heritage

The legacy of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games left its mark that goes well beyond sports. The edition that transformed, redefined the city and became so emblematic is now a nostalgic nod to the new collection of clothing and accessories by Lacoste Barcelona 1992 Olympic Heritage. Last Wednesday, March 8, SVD and Lacoste hosted a TB at the Bailén 18 flagship store to unveil the capsule.


The collection consists of 10 articles which will be on display in the store until March 19. This collection is the fifth designed by the Lacoste team to celebrate the graphic legacy of the Olympic Games, following on from the limited editions of Grenoble 1968, Mexico City 1968, Los Angeles 1984 and Tokyo 1964.


31 years later, Barcelona '92 is still considered to be a historic edition of the Olympics and an important part of our culture. As a result, the articles perfectly capture the athletic and artistic energy of the era.


Those present were able to discover the collection for the first time on the bottom floor. The SVD store's evening was a total immersion into the Olympic universe, but it didn't just focus on the Olympics, it also went into 90s mode with an R&B inspired DJ set by DREA, finished off with a show by the Lacoste breakdance team. Besides breakdancing, there was music, video games, fashion, and giveaways from graphic artist Ales Div, who transformed the crocodile into an Olympic athlete.

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Text by SVD

Photos by Lacoste