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Shinsuke Takizawa ist der Kopf hinter Neighborhood, der japanischen Marke, die seit 1994 dank ihrer transgressiven Designs, der Verwendung von Qualitätsrohstoffen und modernster Produktionstechniken die Straßenbekleidung revolutioniert hat.
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If there is something the Japanese know how to do, it is urban fashion. A perfect example of this is Neighborhood, a brand founded in 1994 by the designer Shinsuke Takizawa. Full of style, the brand's garments will give you a sophisticated look with hipster touches. The biker and punk style of Takizawa is easily recognizable in his garments with graphics and the brand's accessories. While hard to find outside of Japan, here at SVD we are proud to bring you a selection of their latest pieces, chosen with great care by our product and fashion experts.