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Dickies, a historic Texas brand specializing in workwear that has won over skateboarders, designers and rappers alike, is the perfect blend of workwear and urban style.
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Dickies, the brand that brought workwear to the streets of the West Coast, has just landed!

Dickies workwear came about as a brand in Forth Worth, Texas, in 1922. Dickies became a brand of reference with their denim dungarees among workers and farmers, as they believed in the durability of their garments and their practicality. During World War II, Dickies became a military uniform production factory, and would go on to produce millions of garments. The brand first entered the international market in the 1950s, but it would be in 1980 when it made its breakthrough. It was around that time in fact when people began to see a new way of dressing and living in the city: streetwear fashion hit the scene with hip-hop influences and Southern California styles. This is how Dickies pants came about and started to become a fashion staple, and in the 90s, they became a hit with skaters for their tough and sturdy construction.

To this day, Dickies continues to design workwear that is timeless, durable, comfortable and affordable. Explore the SVD USA catalog and discover which Dickies apparel for men and women best suits your style.

Dickies pants for men and women: functional, with a touch of retro

From the first work overalls to minimalist work pants, Dickies has managed to merge both concepts to perfection, to adapt its workwear line to new trends without sacrificing its original essence. The bottom garments are one of the brand's signature pieces, and at SVD USA you will find a whole selection of them: Dickies jeans, shorts, cargo pants... and not forgetting the Dickies 874!

Practically indestructible: the Dickies 874 pants

Dickies' most iconic piece was born in 1967 and has been gaining popularity ever since. The 874 pants were designed using 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill, a time-proven blend of durability and comfort that has given them the reputation of being practically indestructible. Opt for durable and quality garments and choose your pair of Dickies 874 for women and men at SVD USA, don't miss them!

Complete your outfits with a classic Dickies jacket

A comfortable and quality jacket can really enhance your outfits. Luckily, Dickies models feature all the elements you're looking for, and more! Flaunt the iconic Dickies logo and enjoy the comfort of a basic yet stylish piece of apparel, completed with a fresh Dickies beanie.

Discover the entire Dickies clothing collection

Sweatshirts and pants may be the brand's most popular models, but that's not the only thing you'll find in our catalog. At SVD USA you will not only find the most iconic garments, but also T-shirts, work shirts, jackets (like the notorious Eisenhower), jumpsuits, hoodies... and much more! Don't miss out on the latest arrivals for men and women!

The latest from Dickies and upcoming releases are coming your way at SVD USA

If you don't want to miss out on the latest releases and arrivals from Dickies, sign up now to the SVD USA newsletter or follow us on social media. Season after season, we bring the latest from the brand to our catalog, so you'll always be sure to find your favorite pieces. And if waiting isn't your thing, check out our current collections and choose what suits your style.