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SVD CKC Family SVD CKC Family

Meet the SVD Cool Kids Club™, our first NFT Limited Series.

Each NFT is your pass to an emerging community with access to exclusive benefits and experiences in both the digital world and IRL. The NFT series is built around 10 main characters, which aim to represent all collectives, and their multiple programmatically generated variations.

Meet the Cool Kids


I’ve skated since I can remember. WIP ???? ???? Still figuring out what I want. Proud of my talented friends. If you can’t reach me, it’s probably because I’m playing a gig or discovering new spots.


Meet the Cool Kids


Interested in capturing the now and translating it into sound and visuals. Proud to help my friends bring their ridiculous ideas to life. They call me the creator hahaha. I might have an attention deficit. Apologies in advance! ???? I also collect rare Tamagotchis.


Meet the Cool Kids


I believe loud music is the best music. DJ by night. Producer, visual artist and stylist by day. You can find me at all the best parties!!! In my spare time I hunt for vintage clothes from the 80s, 90s and 00s. Like Tetsuo I'm hiding some dope superpowers. ✨ ???? ????


Meet the Cool Kids


Creative soul. I strive to make my lifestyle consistent with my values and fight for what I believe in. I work with whatever falls into my hands. If you care about your mother, you should care about Mother Earth. ???? ???? ????


Meet the Cool Kids


⚧ Non-binary subject based in Dyst0pia * Life is a performance * I use my art to subvert prejudices and to tell a story of dissidence and hedonism * The known is dull, the unknown is fascinating. ????


Meet the Cool Kids


❤ ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? I design genderless clothes and other cool stuff. Maximalism is my way of life. As Vivienne said: 'when in doubt, overdress.' I'm also a model, gamer and hacker in progress. I'm just collecting hobbies. In love with clashing colors, video games, pizza, 90s movies, hyperpop, my friends and glitter.


Meet the Cool Kids




Meet the Cool Kids


No risk, no story. I collect scars. My van is my home. And the ocean is my playground. My skills include riding all kinds of boards and a stupid lack of fear. Life goal: to surf the top beaches in the world. I don’t eat animals. Nature gives us so much, we just have to get out there and enjoy it.


Meet the Cool Kids


☮ ☯ Spiritual human being. At peace with the world and grateful for what I’ve achieved. Former addict. Cooking is the true altruistic craft. Slow life, hot spices. Working towards expanding my horizons even further.


Meet the Cool Kids


I’m good at blending in. I don't like to be labelled and I let my art speak for itself. Most of the time I hang around with my crew looking for new spots to tag. I’m pretty sure we live in a simulation.

SVD CKC Family SVD CKC Family

How to buy your NFT

We want to make sure the the process is as secure as possible and open to anyone who wishes to join the SVD Cool Kids Club™.

Enter the raffle. If you win, you will have to make an ETH transfer to us within 24 hours; afterwards we will transfer the NFT to you.

Follow these steps to get your NFT:

Step 1. Enter the raffle of the NFT you are interested in.

Step 2. Once you receive the notification that you have won, you have 24 hours to make the purchase.

Step 3. Access our website via the Web 3.0 browser on the MetaMask mobile app or the MetMask browser desktop extension.

Step 4. Make the purchase.

Step 5. After a few minutes, we will start the NFT transfer. We will notify you by email when the NFT has been successfully transferred to your wallet.

Start here
Club roadmap and benefits
SVD Cool Kids Club™ continues to evolve with each new drop, offering new experiences and perks to those who are part of the community.
SVD Cool Kids Club™ continues to evolve with each new drop, offering new experiences and perks to those who are part of the community.
Launch of SVD's first generation CKC™ NFT collection.
NFT owners have access to exclusive events.
They can participate in selected raffles for SVD CKC™ members only.
They have early access to SVD CKC™ merchandising and the latest community news.
They have early access to SVD sales.
Every 6 months, owners receive +300 points in our loyalty program, the SVD Fire Program™, that allows them to earn more benefits when they make a purchase, generating more SVD credit to help them reach the next level with even more bonuses.
As the SVD CKC™ continues to grow, we will offer more perks and features.

Become a member of the SVD CKC™

If you purchased an SVD CKC™ NFT through a third party, please register it to enjoy all its perks.

Access my perks

Got a question?

What do I get if I buy an SVD CKC™ NFT?

When you purchase an NFT, you become a member of the SVD CKC™ that offers exclusive perks such as access to specific events or merchandising linked to the club.

How many NFTs are in the collection?

There are 10 NFTs of the original characters. The first generation released for sale consists of 1000 NFTs, that is, 100 variations of each character.

How can I get an SVD CKC™ NFT?

SVD CKC™ NFTs can be purchased by entering raffles. If you win the raffle, you obtain the right to buy the NFT.

How do I sign up for the raffle to get an NFT?

▪︎ To sign up for a raffle you need to be logged in in your SVD account and own a crypto wallet.

▪︎ If you don't have an account, you can create one here. Remember to check the box to accept communications, this way we can notify you of all releases.

▪︎ If you don't have a wallet yet, you can follow these steps to create one through MetaMask. Should you win, you will have to make the transfer through MetaMask.

Can I sign up for more than one raffle?

Yes, you can sign up for as many raffles as you want. You must repeat the process for each NFT you are interested in.

If you win and complete the purchase of an NFT, you will not be eligible to win any other raffle.

How can I unsubscribe from a raffle I registered in?

It's not possible to unsubscribe, but don't worry. In case you win the raffle, just let the 24 hours period for the transfer pass, and once this time has elapsed we will assign another person as the winner. This will not suppose any cost for you.

Can I buy more than one NFT?

No, we limit ownership to one NFT per person in order to have a diverse community and grant access to as many people as possible. Once you own an SVD CKC™ NFT, you will not be able to purchase any more NFTs from the SVD collection.

What happens if I win a raffle? What are the next steps?

▪︎ If you win a raffle we will notify you by email. You have 24 hours from the receipt of the message to make the purchase on our website through the MetaMask browser. We will not accept transactions through any other platform.

▪︎ After 24 hours, you will no longer be able to purchase that NFT. We will assign a new winner from the pool of the remaining participants.

▪︎ Once the purchase has been made, the NFT will be transferred to your wallet after a few minutes.

How do I purchase the NFT?

First, you must have a wallet with ETH to make the purchase. Please remember that purchasing ETH is a process that could take several days. This delay could result in you losing the chance to make the purchase during the designated time window.

The winners of the raffle will receive instructions in the same email informing them that they have won.

We recommend purchasing the NFT via desktop.

From your desktop (recommended):

▪︎ Download the MetaMask browser extension.

▪︎ Click on the link in the email to go directly to the page of the NFT you have won.

▪︎ Before you make the purchase, make sure you are logged into your SVD account. Once you are logged in, click on the 'Buy' button. Then follow the steps set out by MetaMask.

From your smartphone:

▪︎ You should have the MetaMask app already installed. If you don't, download it here: iOS | Android.

▪︎ Access the SVD website from the MetaMask browser, using the MetaMask app. Once you are on the SVD website, log in with your usual credentials.

▪︎ Once logged in, you can access the page of the NFT you won (you'll find a link in the email) and click the 'Buy' button. Then follow the steps set out by MetaMask.

After 24 hours, you will not be able to purchase that NFT, but there is always a chance to win in future raffles.

Once the purchase has been made, the NFT will be automatically transferred to your wallet after a few minutes.

I am trying to purchase the NFT via smartphone but I can't log in.

To purchase an NFT from your smartphone you must have the MetaMask app downloaded. If you don't have it yet, download it here:iOS | Android

Access the SVD website from the MetaMask browser, using the MetaMask app, and then log in with your usual credentials.

If you created an SVD account through Social Login (Gmail or Facebook), you will have to enter your email, as if you were to log in, and recover your password. Due to technical limitations, MetaMask doesn't allow Social Login with Gmail or Facebook from its browser.

Once logged in, access the page of the NFT you have won, either through the link in the email or by browsing the website. You will see the enabled "Buy" button. From there, we will guide you on how to purchase the NFT through MetaMask.

It has been more than 24 hours since I won, but I couldn't make the transfer in time, what are my options?

After the deadline you no longer have the option to purchase that NFT. You can always try again with another NFT in the next raffles.

I still have doubts

For more information, please read the SVD CKC™ NFT Raffle Terms and Conditions or contact us.