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A Japanese streetwear treasure, once only available in Japan, is now sold worldwide. And lucky for us, we even have it at SVD USA! Founded by Tetsu Nishiyama back in '96, WTAPS has developed a reputation for its military-infused, outdoor and punk style pieces, inspired by the Ura-Harajuku movement.
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WTAPS: how did it come about?

The secret behind the name WTAPS, pronounced "double taps," lies in a military shooting technique of firing two consecutive shots at the same target, reflecting Tetsu's appreciation of military attire, the protagonists of the designer's early collections overflowing with cargo pants, functional backpacks, and field jackets in earthy camouflage tones.

Street style soon became a presence in his collections starting in '98, which would propel him into the western streetwear scene to become WTAPS as we know it today, through collaborations with major brands like Big Ape and Supreme, with WTAPS screen printed tees and hoodies, to the iconic WTAPS x Vans collaboration, the true sneaker love story.

WTAPS Clothing: step into the collection we have for you

With its roots in the Harajuku movement of the 90s, WTAPS clothing has made a name for itself through its traditional workwear and Ivy League influences. And at SVD USA, we have put together the perfect WTAPS collection just for you. Opt for versatility with a WTAPS jacket, from a varsity inspired style for a sleek, cool fit, to an all-black design to round out your most sophisticated ensembles. With WTAPS pants ranging from pleated, baggy, to relaxed denim cuts, we're here to help you put together an entire outfit, stress-free.

What would a WTAPS look be without a signature WTAPS hat? For the perfect finishing touch, there's a hat for every occasion and season. Brave the colder months with the WTAPS beanies we have for you: play it safe with an all-black colorway or be bold with a bright orange. You can even go classic with a WTAPS cap that proudly displays the brand's logo on the front. The possibilities are endless, what will you choose?