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On is a running brand created in the Swiss Alps by former athlete Olivier Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. This brand is focused on designing sneakers under a key idea: soft landings, followed by explosive takeoffs. Or, as they call it, running on the clouds.
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Discover On Running

Endorsed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, highlighted by The Wall Street Journal and winner of several ISPO awards, the footwear company On, founded in 2010, supplies running shoes to runners all over the world. It all started when its creators, in search of new technologies, met a Swiss engineer with the same vision. Together they worked on perfecting prototypes until they found the final compound. Thus, CloudTec technology was born, made from a cushioning material found in the characteristic sole of On running shoes. The effect obtained with respect to impact is a firm but soft cushioning and a boost for the runner. With this discovery, the company's founders achieved their dream goal: When wearing On shoes, runners would feel as if they were running on clouds. Thus, they managed to make running on hard surfaces feel like running on grass. Undoubtedly, the On brand is the perfect choice for you to take your runs to another level.

On Cloud shoes: Light as a cloud

Can you imagine going out to run on the hard asphalt of your city, and it seems that you are running through a sea of light clouds? One of the most pleasant sensations of running is to feel that at any moment we can rise and leave the ground behind, and the On Cloud shoes are the perfect accessory to achieve this desired effect. You will be able to fully concentrate on the race and on your goals because the innovative technology of this firm takes care of pushing you forward, offering you the best comfort on the market. Do not hesitate any longer! Having the right equipment when we do any sport is essential, and On Cloud shoes for men and women, a safe bet that you will not regret a single minute.

On Women's running shoes: All models at SVD

There is nothing more discouraging than going out for a run and not being able to strive for our goals because the footwear we have chosen causes us discomfort and even pain. That's why On has always advocated the idea that going out for a run should involve fun, and our attention should be focused solely on enjoying the process.

men's On running shoes: All models in SVD

Men’s On running shoes, with their innovative technologies and high quality materials, leave behind any kind of discomfort and adapt to our feet to become an accessory that drives us and does not stop us. Check out all the On running models we have available at SVD and get the footwear that will make you fly.