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Limited edition sneakers, unexpected collaborations, mind-blowing collections, etc. Everything you want and more from the street fashion of the moment. Sign up to the raffles through the SVD app and get your hands on the most exclusive products from the most relevant brands.

    SVD releases: The most coveted and exclusive sneakers and clothing

    Do you want to grab the most sought-after, limited-edition sneakers of the moment? Get them through the SVD raffles that you will find in the Hot Releases section of our online store and app. Roll the dice on sneaker raffles of every Jordan, adidas, Yeezy or asics model you can think of. You will also find the most surprising upcoming Nike releases, exclusive clothing and capsule collections of the most relevant collaborations between brands and artists of the current scene. Enter the raffle now to win the sneakers you like the most and make your outfit even more flawless. “Alea iacta est”, or in other words: The die is cast!

    Stay up to date on all sneaker releases

    If you are a super fan of limited edition sneakers and want to keep up to date with all the raffle dates and upcoming releases, you should pay special attention to SVD's sneaker calendar. Download the SVD app on the App Store or Google Play and participate in the raffles, get early access to the most exclusive collections and find out about the releases of your favorite brands. We recommend you to turn on notifications so that you don't miss any raffle and find out before anyone else about all current and upcoming launches. By shopping at SVD you can receive your desired raffle sneaker worldwide. So, whether you want to sign up for an adidas raffle or a Jordan raffle and have the chance to get your hands on the most sought-after sneakers, SVD is the place to be.

    Do you want to know the release dates?

    A “raffle” is a drawing whose prize consists of the right to purchase an exclusive and/or limited edition product. In other words, the person who wins will be eligible to purchase a specific item, hence “raffle” has a connotation of exclusivity. Luck and perseverance is what you will need to get the most limited editions of sneakers and clothing from today's top brands.

    How to participate in the raffles? To participate, you must first download the SVD app. Once installed, go to Hot Releases and participate in the raffles of all the products you want. When participating in the sivasdescalzo raffle, the payment method, delivery address and payment authorization will be requested so that, in case of winning it, the order can be collected and shipped.

    How do the raffles work? At SVD, we use specialized software to make a random selection of the participants duly registered in the SVD raffle for each of the sizes and models that are available for such raffle. Therefore, the chances of winning will depend on the number of participants and the quantity available for each of the sizes. Whether or not you win, you will be notified on the device linked to your account. For more information, read our Terms and Conditions.

    The most expected raffle clothing only at SVD

    At SVD, we also have all the streetwear brands you can imagine. Carhartt WIP, Converse, Stüssy, Puma, Vans and many more brands are waiting for you in our physical and online stores. Don't miss out on new sneaker releases, exclusive adidas clothing, Nike raffles or the most anticipated collections of the year – turn on notifications and find out what's coming soon! Also, find the sneaker release dates of exclusive clothing and new shoe releases that everyone is waiting for. We are at your disposal to offer you all the latest news about upcoming sneaker releases, clothing, and accessories so that you never stop shining wherever you go. Don't wait any longer and jump into the sneakerhead world with SVD!