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MAISON KITSUNÉ is an independent fashion brand founded in Paris over 19 years ago. Made from meticulous tailoring and highly influenced by streetwear, the brand strives to make its garments as comfortable as possible. Kitsuné means fox in Japanese, and, besides being the logo of the brand, it also symbolizes versatility, another characteristic of the fashion house.
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    MAISON KITSUNÉ: When Paris met Tokyo at SVD

    The aesthetic and cultural ties between Paris and Tokyo are the source of inspiration for this Parisian independent fashion house, Maison Kutsiné. It was in the 90s, during a trip to Japan, when Loaëc and Kuroki, the founders of the brand, decided to launch a brand dedicated to lifestyle. Maison Kitsuné is also a record label and a speciality coffee shop. As quoted by the duo, “We wanted to build a business that reflected our Art de Vivre: Kitsuné, is above all a story of passions, ambitions and the desire to start doing.”.